Early Signs Of Pregnancy After Giving Birth

Early Signs Of Pregnancy After Giving Birth - Is It Possible to Get Pregnant Soon After Giving Birth?

Early Signs Of Pregnancy After Giving Birth

Do you believe you are having early signs of pregnancy after giving birth? Many people don't think about a second pregnancy after they give birth. As a matter of fact, many people assume that they can't conceive in the months after childbirth. However, it is possible to become pregnant shortly after giving birth. Your body takes a while to get back to normal after delivery, but at some moment, you will be ready to conceive a baby again. The period may differ mainly depending on if you are breastfeeding or not. At this time, around two weeks before you should menstruate, your body will release its first postpartum egg. So if you are having unprotected sex, you can get pregnant even before having your first period.

When Will I Get My Period after My Baby Is Born

If you are breastfeeding exclusively, day and night, generally it can take six months and longer before you menstruate again. If you are formula-feeding your baby, your period will usually return after one to three months after giving birth. Many women do not have their period in the months following childbirth. This is particularly the case for women who breastfeed. Because of this, a lot of women assume that they are not ovulating. In any case, be vigilant. Breastfeeding is not a protection against getting pregnant again. Each woman is different, and even if you are breastfeeding, your ovulation might return much earlier than you may think.

The Most Common Early Signs of Pregnancy After Giving Birth

No matter if you have just given birth or not, there are many various early pregnancy symptoms. However, shortly after giving birth, it might be much harder to identify pregnancy symptoms correctly. It is very common to confuse the first symptoms of pregnancy with regular body changes after childbirth. If you are not using birth control, the time before you menstruate again might be very confusing. You might suspect many times that you are pregnant. During those first months postpartum, your body slowly works its way back to its pre-pregnancy state. These could be confused with pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy Symptoms That Are More Likely Symptoms That Your Body Is Restoring after Childbirth

Light Spotting - Early Pregnancy Symptom or Return of Your Period?

If your period has not come back but you are experiencing light spotting, that spotting could be implantation bleeding. It could be one of the very early signs of pregnancy after giving birth. However, light spotting is more likely a return of your period. After having a baby, your menstrual flow might come back heavier or lighter than it was before the pregnancy; very often, it looks at the beginning like light spotting.


Caring for a young child can take a toll on a woman. Many women are exhausted while caring for a newborn. Because of this, a lot of women don't realize that they are also experiencing some of the early signs of pregnancy after giving birth. If you are simply feeling more tired than usual and don't have any other pregnancy symptoms, it might be just that you are exhausted after giving birth, from breastfeeding, and because of the sleepless nights.


Dizziness is another early pregnancy symptom. However, if you feel dizzy after giving birth to a baby, it is also usual to feel dizzy. It does not make sense to suspect being pregnant because you are weak. After having a baby, it is normal to feel dizzy. Having a baby is a huge work! You may feel exhausted and lightheaded especially after breastfeeding. A Surge In Appetite Increased appetite is typical for young mothers, especially if they are breastfeeding. Moreover, a lot of women have a hard time finding the time to eat after having a baby. Even if the surge of appetite could be a sign of pregnancy, it is more likely that your body is simply asking for energy to care for the newborn.

Sore Breasts and Changed Areolas

Feeling that your breasts are sore and heavy is a good sign of pregnancy... but unfortunately not just after having a baby. Sore and heavy breasts, as well as darkening areolas, sticking nipples, and prominent Montgomery's glands (those tiny bumps surrounding your areola), are typical after childbirth. Your breasts must change to be ready to nurse a baby. You Might Be Pregnant If you Feel: Nausea Nausea is a typical pregnancy symptom and is not usual after giving birth. While not all women experience morning sickness, it is very common for women to vomit or feel ill while they are pregnant. If you start to feel nauseous in the weeks or months following childbirth, it could be one of the valid early signs of pregnancy after giving birth. You could be pregnant. If you suddenly become very susceptible to smells, it might be that you are pregnant again, and you are having one of the early signs of pregnancy after giving birth. However, with all the hormonal changes after giving birth, some women also claim that they are sensitive to smells (without being pregnant again). It is, however, worth examining if you suddenly smell things far more than you ever did.

How To Know If I Am Pregnant Again

Keep some pregnancy tests on hand, and use one if you suspect that something is unusual, such as if you have nausea or you simply have an intuition that you may be pregnant. You have already been pregnant at least once, so it will be easier this time to recognize another pregnancy and early signs of pregnancy after giving birth. If you are getting negative results but are still experiencing pregnancy symptoms and have an intuition telling you that you are pregnant again, you may want to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Because childbirth can change the hormones in the body, detecting pregnancies that occur shortly after giving birth can be difficult.