Thank you very much for visiting online-pregnancytest.com.

I came up with this website while trying to get pregnant myself. What's very exciting to me is that you start noticing many pregnancy symptoms shortly after conceiving. I realized immediately that something had changed when I got pregnant, and the positive result of the online pregnancy test confirmed my intuition. I put together online-pregnancytest.com to support all women who are trying to become pregnant or who suspect that they may be pregnant.


The period of time when we are suspecting a potential pregnancy is very stressful. We can't stop thinking about whether we are pregnant or not.

Online-pregnancytest.com assists you in understanding and recognizing the first signs of pregnancy. When doing the online pregnancy test you answer, in a simple and interactive way, questions that will help you see if you have pregnancy symptoms. At the end of the questionnaire, the online pregnancy test calculates the probability of a pregnancy.


Please keep in mind that every woman experiences pregnancy differently, which means in the early stages of pregnancy you may have every pregnancy symptom, only some, or none at all.



That's why I ask you to look at our online pregnancy test as a fun game.


To make completely sure, purchase a pregnancy test online or at the pharmacy and/or see your gynecologist.


Online-pregnancytest.com provides lots of useful and interesting information about signs of pregnancy, when to take a pregnancy test (urine test), forgot the pill - now what, and much more!


I thank you very much for your trust and hope that you'll like online-pregnancytest.com.


Maria Frucht


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